About Measurement Technology Northwest


Measurement Technology Northwest is a technology leader in several diverse instrumentation markets. For over 25 years we have focused on developing innovative measurement systems using a multi-disciplined engineering approach focused on the latest in components, manufacturing methods, and software. Our expertise has been applied to textile and garment testing systems, winch line control systems, large-scale composting systems, and other industries requiring durable, precise, user-friendly measurement instrumentation hardware and software. Look to Measurement Technology Northwest for innovative designs, cutting-edge features, proven performance, comprehensive technical support, and the best "total package" value in advanced measurement and control systems.

MTNW consists of two major divisions: Measurement Technology NW Line Control Instruments, and a wholly owned subsidiary, Thermetrics, LLC.

Engineered Compost Systems (ECS) is a sister company that shares facilities and ownership with MTNW. ECS manufactures equipment and provides engineering services for the organic recycling industry in North America and Europe.


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